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Cool Painting

Energy efficient paint and coating.

One of the most practical ways of saving on energy costs without burning a hole in your pocket is using cool paint on your home. A cool paint is a sun reflective type of paint which increases IR (Infrared) reflectivity by using white pigments like titanium dioxide. Pigments that absorb in the visible to produce color and reflect in the IR for coolness are used to produce innovative, colored IR-reflective coatings. These paints are highly engineered products, formulated and designed to meet the standard of infrared reflectivity and the long-term durability requirements. By using cool paint, you will not have to change your entire roof for energy efficiency. These are paints with coatings that are very thick, which enables it to protect the roof surface from ultra-violet (UV) light and chemical damage. In addition, cool paints also provide some water protection and restorative features. In effect, this cool coating sun reflecting paint is also a heat repellent paint. This energy saving paint is ideal for homes and buildings in states where the weather is usually sunny and hot all-year round.


Why Cool Paint?

Studies show that a typical home may absorb as much as 90% of the sun’s radiation that strikes it. Just imagine the energy you need to cool the entire house! To ensure that your home remains cool the whole year round, you will have to use over 1500 hours of air-conditioning, and a typical air con unit uses as much energy as 35, 100-watt light bulbs every hour. By using cool paint, you reduce the necessity of having your air con turned on needlessly as the surface temperature of your home can be reduced by as much as 40% and reduce your cooling cost by as much as 21.9%, because the cool paint reflects infrared radiation back into the atmosphere. Just by applying cool paint, you can save thousands of dollars in energy cost on the long run!


Benefits of Energy Efficient Paint:

– Cool paint, on average, is 10 times thicker than the ordinary paint, therefore, it replaces the need for constant repainting of roofs. Roofs in homes located in states where hot climate is experienced most of the year need constant maintenance. Because of the composition of cool paint, concerns about repainting the roof are greatly reduced. By applying cool paint, you not only reduce energy cost but you also ensure that your roof is protected from the elements. By repairing small leaks and minor damages on the roof before applying cool paint, you might be able to avoid full-scale replacement of your roof for years, extending roof life.

– Cool paint is known for Fade Black Protection. Accelerated weathering tests have shown cool paint is comparable to those used on today’s advanced automotive paints, which means that cool paint is highly resistant to fading. Apprehensions of people who think that using cool paint is aesthetically plain and boring are proven wrong. Cool paint comes in different colors, and all colors absorb solar radiation, even white.

– Cool paint can be used on both Flat/Low-Slope Roofing and Steep-Slope Roofing, which means it can be applied to different types of roofing materials including asphalt roofs, metal roofs, galvanized metal, composite roofs, and wood.

Applying cool paint reduces carbon emissions and helps in combatting the effects of climate change. Although the effect is minimal if you only consider your home, just imagine if everyone used cool paint! In fact, a study done in New York City shows that “every 2,500 square feet of roof that is coated can reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 1 ton of CO2 and help fight climate change. When you apply cool paint, a chain effect occurs. air pollution is reduced due to lower energy usage, which means less power plant emissions, and a reduction in urban air temperatures.


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